Immigration Health Services

Immigration Physicals & Related Healthcare Services— Immunizations/Vaccinations, Lab Tests, X-ray

Immigration physicals, required for lawful residence in the United States, must be performed by a certified “Civil Surgeon”—a physician specially authorized to perform physicals for immigrants by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). HealthMed Urgent Care is qualified perform immigration physical exams because we have Civil Surgeon-designated physicians on staff. Immigration Services authorizes these health professionals to examine your health, identify conditions that may require follow-up to ensure your status in the U.S., and sign proper USCIS forms indicating medical clearance for U.S. citizenship.

The HealthMed doctors who perform valid immigration physicals have flexible hours and can see you at any HealthMed NJ location in Eatontown, Atlantic City and Northfield.

Immigration Healthcare Services Include Vaccinations/Immunizations

To meet the immigration healthcare requirements of the USCIS and be cleared by a Civil Surgeon, those wishing to qualify for permanent residence in the U.S. also must have the proper immunizations/vaccinations. Besides physicals for immigrants, all HealthMed locations are staffed and equipped to administer required vaccinations and immunizations for U.S. citizenship.

Other Routine & Urgent Health Services

In addition to immigration physicals and healthcare services related to applications for U.S. citizenship, all HealthMed Urgent Care walk-in clinics offer:

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Immigration physicals must be performed by a healthcare professional approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a certified Civil Surgeon in order to be valid.

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